Clash Royale's Global Series Crown Championship Challenge Is Live Today

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It's a long journey, but it's a journey that starts today. Anyone who wants to prove themselves the best Clash Royale player on planet Earth will start that process today with a 20-win Crown Championship Challenge in the first of many qualifying rounds that will eventually whittle down millions of players to a few chosen champions from 8 regions, and then eventually whittle those champions down to one single global winner in December. But don't worry! Chances are, you won't make it that far. The first challenge just went live today and I've already eliminated myself, for example.

The 20-Win Crown Championship Challenge works like other, similar challenges. You've got to take down 20 opponents without losing to three of them: a heavy lift for a middling player but relatively straightforward for the sort that are destined to advance in the competition. Because winning and not crowns are what matter here, don't be afraid to buckle down and play defensively if you manage to take down one of the enemy Towers. There's no need to go for the Crown Tower unless you're tied with your opponent or you see the perfect opportunity to lock things down. As in other tournaments, you do get some consolation prizes for getting as few as 2 wins, but you'll need to go the distance to continue in the tournament.

It's a smart qualifier for what I would probably count as the most accessible eSport out there, allowing every player who wants to get in on the action to some degree. Clash Royale is as straightforward as it needs to be as a mobile game from one of the most ubiquitous mobile developers in the Industry, but tournaments like these show just how high the skill ceiling gets. My performance in the Crown Challenge speaks to that to some degree: I do just fine when matchmade with players of my same trophy level, as I'm meant to, but I'm pretty hopeless when thrown into a tournament situation. Maybe next time around.



Stay tuned for more news on Clash Royale's Fall Season and more Clash Royale coverage in general. I've learned to control my rage at receiving a crying emote, and I'm doing my best to work my way through this maddening game.

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