Clash Royale - 14,000 Gems $64.99

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After the huge success of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale was Supercells next step towards further dominating the mobile games platform. Allowing players to battle each other in realtime matches, it grants players access to test their skills against others to gain in leagues. With any game, there are levels and characters to unlock, and this game is no different.

Chests can take a long time to unlock, with the addition of coins to purchase rare legendary cards. Buying gems allows you to buy legendary cards to gain a competitive edge over your opponent and show off to your clan! For 60% of the RRP, you can gain 14,000 gems to one up your clan and show off the best cards that you have!

Buying gems is really easy, only a few things must be done so we can process your order. Top-up purchases may require you to provide your Android / Apple Game Centre account information. To safeguard your account and allow the top-up to procedure to run smoothly, please remove credit card information from your account and turn off 2-step verification. If 2-step verification has not been disabled on your account, we will be unable to login to your account and this will incur delays in topping your account up.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during your purchase, please use the Live Chat button at the bottom of the page to get instant support!

Clash Royale - 14,000 Gems = $64.99

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